In the beginning

We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of a nation.

As overseas Chinese, we are very passionate about the growth and development of our motherland. In channelling our limited resources to provide educational assistance, we have focussed on high school and university students from needy families and orphans of Yi minority from the Liangshan mountains in Sichuan.

Besides providing financial subsidies, Fu Hui has taken extra steps by visiting our recipients and holding discussion sessions with them. Through correspondence, we tried to provide counselling and guidance. We cooperated with the local government to provide training to teachers aiming to improve the quality of education. Although we have encountered countless challenges and put in extra efforts in the past five years, the beautiful smiles on these children continue to remind us that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We are happy and gratified to see students advancing in their studies and little orphans enjoying their schooling.

Nurture with love

The many donors and volunteers at Fu Hui care and feel deeply about the needy children in China. They cannot bear to see the children be deprived of education due to poverty and are determined to do something about it. This common bond has propelled Fu Hui’s education programs to grow rapidly. From 2005 to 2015, the total number of sponsored students has grown from 175 to 10,000 in addition to providing education for 2,000 orphans, and 2,000 girls. Currently, the program is focused in Sichuan,  Guangxi and Guangdong.

We continue with our set direction

Fu Hui places as much emphasis on the development of moral virtue as on financial assistance. In the past eleven years, we have come to recognize that the children coming to Fu Hui generally suffer from low self esteem. Therefore, we set up various means of interactions and communication, so that teachers and volunteers can help them gain self-confidence. By building the need for a sense of safety and security; creativity and stimulation; meaning, purpose and goals; the children gain a more positive outlook on life.

With the senior high and university students, we share with them our own experiences during our face to face meetings and through correspondence. We encourage them to take control of the opportunities presented to them and study hard to build a future for themselves. The maple leaf bookmarks that we give to the students as souvenirs serves as a positive reminder to them during challenging times. We also teach them that as much as we need care and attention, we also need to care and be compassionate to others.

The Liangshan Orphans program came about when we were brought into the area by Madam Junlan Zhang of the Tianjin Daily in 2006. Although we were captured by the beautiful scenery and inspired by the simplistic lifestyle, we could not keep our eyes and minds off the number of neglected orphans seen wandering aimlessly. Thus, we set off on a mission; and garnered the cooperation and support from the local officials to gather the 7 to 11 year-old orphans from the remote villages in the area. We sent them to school and provided for their daily needs. This program was later expanded to set up a class to include children who lived too far away from school. Without dormitory facility and financial assistance, they would have no means for schooling. We sponsored an All Girls’ Class so that Yi young girls have a chance to continue on to junior high. We also started to invite seasoned professors to volunteer their time to train the teachers and nannies. We will continue these programs and intend to see these children through to university or vocational school so that they can secure a future for themselves.

We continue our efforts to garner your much appreciated and continuous support

The number of friends who support our cause continues to grow. As we journey on with unforeseeable challenges, we do share an inexplicable sense of joy. The spiritual reward we receive from witnessing the Fu Hui children going to school and growing up happily far outweighs our efforts. We have learned a great deal from the children, the teachers, our generous donors and colleagues. We have planted the Fu Hui spirit into the children and firmly believe that as they grow and blossom, they will share our compassion to care for the needy and contribute to society.

Fu Hui has collaborated with and has since received praises from colleagues and friends in Hong Kong, the United States, England, Australia and other countries.  We are also fortunate to receive advice and direction periodically from our honourary chair, Mr. Kuan-Gu Yan, and we gratefully acknowledge the wisdom and guidance that our past honourary chair, the late Mr. Tsin-Tong Tsui, provided us.  In 2010, we changed our organization’s name to Fu Hui Education Foundation to emphasize our work in providing education. The Fu Hui team is committed to the cause and understands the importance of continuous education. We will continue to keep our administrative cost to a minimal so that 100% of the funds raised goes directly to the cause.